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    Hi there,

    I am new to WordPress and just created a website using on of your themes wich is almost ready.

    I’d like to know how I can change the service boxes, they are showing too many info of the pages. ( Also HTML codes )

    When looking at the pro template this is very different and just how I want it.
    (Below “places you have to see”)

    Untill I got enough visitors I’d like to stick with the free template.

    Also, when in mobile mode, the boxes wont appear next to each other when the screen width becomes to small (have to turn my phone for landscape mode, then it shows fine.)

    And is there anyway to attach a link to the whole box, instead of only the text “check availability”.?

    I hope you guys understand me 😊

    Further more I wanted to say that I really love the design and functionality of this theme, keep up the good work !

    Kind regards,

    Theo Mast



    Oh forgot to mention my website:


    Sorry ☺


    Chitra B.

    I have been using vacation pro theme for my site Evergreen Tours

    To change contents on service you can go

    Appearance > Theme Option > Section Click on sections in which you want to change and details open. You can put contents. If you want to hide one of section than you can click hide section.

    To put contents on these area you can edit or put code in section content area.

    Thats what I am doing.

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    Chitra B. Thanks for you reply.

    I´m using the Vacation Lite template, this is what I see:

    In Appearance > Customize > I only got “Welcome Section”.
    This gives me the choice if I want to use Sliders, like your website, or use the Service Boxes.

    I want to keep it plain and simple so the service boxes is all I need. I only have the option to choose wich page goes into the service box, this will simply copy all info on that page in the box and doesn´t look very neat.

    Is there a way to insert a css or php code to achieve all this? or do I have to get the pro template?


    Chitra B.

    You click on service boxes and change the content. or you can follow the documentation of the theme.



    It seems like I dont have the ¨Theme option¨ menu showed on my sidebar in WordPress.
    Is this option disabled in the free theme?
    I´m using with siteground to host my website.



    So I inserted some extra CSS codes for service boxes, wich are:

    #services-box p{text-indent:-9999px;

    #services-box p:after{text-indent:0;

    This fixes my problem with changing the content, but it shows everything I type 3 times…
    I hope someone with experience could help me out.

    If I cant find answers ill just insert Display:None..



    #services-box p{display:none}

    #services-box h2:before{
    content: ‘apartment:’;
    display: block;

    #services-box h3:before{
    content:’Click on ¨CHECK AVAILABILITY¨ below to see prices.’;
    text-size: 1px;
    Display: block}

    final code… seems like it worked XD

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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