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    I have a problem with fonts in the theme.My menus etc are in English , and I have chosen the font for the site to be Handlee(from the dropdown menus in Typography options)

    The problem starts when I want to write something in the slide title & slider description in another language(Greek in particular).When I choose in “theme options->Font typography” the Handlee fonts in those fields, all English content of the site shows at the font selected(Handlee), and the following fields show in Times New Roman(since there are no Greek Handlee fonts probably).The fields with Greek language are the following:
    “Select font family/size/color/style for slide title
    Select font family/size/color/style for slider description”

    When I choose for those fields, a font that supports greek language(e.g.tahoma, arial etc), those fields with greek text shows ok(e.g.tahoma), but all the rest fields of the site(e.g.menus, tagline, etc) show Times New Roman(even if they are set to Handlee font)

    What I would like to do is place Greek text in slider title & slider description, using a font that supports Greek text(e.g.Arial), and having all other font selections changed as described above

    I hope I outlined the problem correclty
    Best Regards
    Kriezias Vasslis

    p.s.the site is if its of any assistance




    We understand your issue since the arial font is not listed in the drop down because it is not the google font so we need to manually set the arial font for slide title and description kindly send your login details to so we can do it asap.

    Thank You

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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