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    Maybe it’s only me that’s this picky? But I have noticed a few more semantics issues with the theme… I’m going through them, but I don’t know how to edit all of them!

    1. A slash was not immediately followed by > – this is after the logo, we have / >
    2. Two stray end tags </div> in the nivo slider
    3. Services box div seems to sit within a paragraph, so the opening tag <p> is forgotten and the stray </p> is seen
    4. Multiple IDs – the four service boxes all have IDs, for some bizarre reason
    5. You kindly changed the icon parameters for the services boxes so I could use images. Strangely, the alt tags which I have added do not appear to show? Not sure if this is just me?
    6. And not forgetting the clunky <h4>Corporate is</h4><h2>absolutely responsive</h2>. Strangely, W3schools validator doesn’t seem to care about this; I always thought that header order was very important, but I’ve not done any web dev for a while so perhaps now it’s all good? I might just leave that, then, as I have styling applied to the headers which I do not want to change.

    As I’ve already handed over the site and it is live, I’m a bit nervous to do any more fiddling with code. Just thought I’d point out these issues FYI

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    Oh yeah – the logo for the site doesn’t pull the alt tag, either, although this has been added to the image in media library.

    Maybe I’m behind the times, and nobody cares about validation any more?

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