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    In Clovemix free version, I got the homepage boxes to show such images as I had set to be the “featured images” of the pages that each box was linked to.

    BTW, what is the optimal size to make those images? I settled on square 400 x 400.

    When I upgraded to Clovemix PRO, those images were not showing, but adding or removing them from pages did seem to affect the layout positioning. I was probably in Firefox or Safari on a MAC.

    Then I tried it on Win Firefox and it was also not working, but Win Chrome was working.

    Today I went to collect information, and it is working on Win Chrome and Firefox, and is working on MAC Safari and Firefox, but not on the MAC Chrome: missing those images.



    My mistake. Those images are not actually missing, but as you slowly pull the scrollbar down after loading a new page, the four featured images are not painted at first, and then about when the bottom menu comes into view, the four featured images in the middle of the page are suddenly painted, not a bad effect once you understand it.

    BTW, progress is good on the fledgling web site we are developing with Clovemix theme:

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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