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    I like the elegant look of your theme.

    I tried the free version for a couple of days, and configured many things.

    Then I upgraded to the PRO version, and suddenly all things became different.

    My custom menu disappeared, but I re-checked it 2 placed, and it came back okay.

    Sliders again have restaurant pictures, and now 10 sliders, cannot reduce to 3.

    In Homepage boxes, the featured images seem to affect layout, but are invisible.

    I tried to “install” the “xml” file found inside your installation zip file,
    hoping that would return website to the appearance of the free trial version,
    but I saw no effect.

    Should I totally uninstall the theme, and then reinstall from the PRO version?




    This is happened because the clovemix free versions and pro version are very different not because of look but for functionality since pro version has many functionality that is the reason it created separate tables in the database so you may need to add your content again when you activate the pro version but you free version settings will not be erased it will shows whenever you activate free version. The options settings of any theme will be visible only for that particular theme only the WordPress contents like post, pages and menu are the same for all so you need to add your settings and content again for the pro version this is required only once for this theme so whenever you will get the update theme of clovemix pro in the future you will not to be add the content again it will saved automatically.
    For any help and support mail us at: support@flythemes.net

    Thank You



    Thanks for you quick response. I understand and am going forward using the PRO version.

    I have other questions, I will make each a separate new topic.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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